Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food for Thought or Pampilles Table

Food for Thought: Philosophy and Food

Author: Elizabeth Telfer

The importance of food in our individual lives raises moral questions from the debate over eating animals to the prominence of gourmet cookery in the popular media. Through philosophy, Elizabeth Telfer discusses issues including our obligations to those who are starving; the value of the pleasure of food; food as art; our duties to animals; and the moral virtues of hospitableness and temperance. Elizabeth Telfer shows how much traditional philosophy, from Plato to John Stuart Mill, has to say to illuminate this everyday yet complex subject.

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Pampille's Table: Recipes and Writings from the French Countryside from Marthe Daudet's les Bons Plats de France

Author: Shirley King

Inspired by references to the “delicious books of Pampille” in Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, the veteran cookbook author Shirley King adapted this gastronomic gem of a book for the modern American kitchen. Marthe Daudet (1878–1960) was Pampille, and her book Les Bons Plats de France, originally published in 1919, is still regarded as a classic in France. Her intriguing mix of charming writing, insightful wit, and wonderful, authentic recipes makes this a travelogue as well as a useful cookbook. While remaining faithful to Pampille’s language and work, King has updated the recipes when necessary to make them practical for modern cooks.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Whats Cooking with Mavis or Classic Main Courses

What's Cooking with Mavis

Author: Mavis Amundson

Over the years, Mavis Amundson has enjoyed cooking for family and friends and has accumulated a cherished recipe file. As a member of two former gourmet clubs in Sioux Falls her talents were further honed and dinners well received by guests and club members alike. Preparing family dinners whenever possible give her great satisfaction and it's the place to be for holiday meals according to members of the family.

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Classic Main Courses: A Superb Collection of 180 All-Time Favourite Recipes with Step-by-Step Instructions

Author: Jenni Fleetwood

Enjoy all the classic dishes from roast rib of beef and chicken and mushroom pie to lamb moussaka and baked salmon with watercress sauce.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Taste for Ethics or Edible France

The Taste for Ethics: An Ethic of Food Consumption

Author: Christian Coff

This book marks a new departure in ethics. In our culture ethics has first and foremost been a question of 'the good life' in relation to other people. Central to this ethic was friendship, inspired by Greek thought, and the caritas concept from the Judaeo-Christian tradition. But no early moral teaching discussed man's relation to the origin of foodstuffs and the system that produced them; doubtless the question was of little interest since the production path was so short.

Before industrialisation the production of food was easy to follow. As a rule that is no longer the case. The field of ethics must therefore be extended to cover responsibility for the production and choice of foodstuffs, and it is this food ethic that Christian Coff sets out to trace. In doing so he shows how the focus of ethics can be expanded from its concern for the good life with and for others to cover the good life in fair food production practices, and how not least through using our integrity or life coherence we can reflect ethically, or caringly, about living organisms, ecological systems and our human identity.

From the foreword by Dr. Peter Kemp, Professor of Philosophy at the Danish University of Education

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Edible France: A Traveller's Guide

Author: Glynn Christian

A region by region guide to food, wine, shopping, markets, local specialties, and more, this is the complete guide to discovering and enjoying the regionalfoods and wines of France.


This truly is a guide book...It contains an astonishing wealth of information about local produce, specialties and markets...a must if you're going to France...

Library Journal

Christian, the former food reporter and chef of BBC TV's Breakfast Time and author of The Gourmet's Freezer (S. & S., 1989), offers a gastronomic guide to France. Each chapter concentrates on a single region, discussing the culinary specialties, traditional foods, local produce, and wines of each. The book does not list restaurants, nor is it a cookbook. Other than the section on Paris, it does not list individual stores. Instead, this book will save travelers from embarrassment when confronting a baeckenoffa in a Strasbourg restaurant. With book in hand, one could stroll confidently into an epicerie or hypermarket and pick up local specialties. Similar to Frommer's Food Lover's Companion to France (Macmillan, 1996) and Passport's Food & Wine Guides: France (Passport Bks., 1992), this is essential for the epicure visiting France, whether for a holiday or an extended stay. Recommended for public libraries.Ravi Shenoy, Hinsdale P.L., Ill.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Astrological Gastronomy or Opaa Greek Cooking Detroit Style

Astrological Gastronomy: Temperamental Cooking Explained

Author: James J Rusk

Astrological Gastronomy is based on the thesis that cooking and eating are idiosyncratic and that effectiveness in partaking in culinary activities is enhanced if it is grounded in a culture and complemented by an understanding of personal attributes. This unique approach should appeal to the community of cookbook readers from a variety of perspectives. The idea of "temperamental cooking and eating explained" is an invitation to readers of astrology columns as well as to all observers of popular culture. The focus upon dishes from Africa, Latin America, and Asia should appeal to experimental cooks, while the regional and ethnic character of American recipes should draw the attention of people who prefer provincial cuisine. Finally, the personalization of recipes in the setting of their evolution and relationships with foods in other cultures lends a humane quality to the collection that is enriched with numerous related explanatory notes and suggestions for accompaniments.

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Opaa! Greek Cooking Detroit Style

Author: George J Gekas

Features more than 200 delicious Greek recipes, including baklava, saganaki, and many other classics as prepared in New York's best Greek restaurants.